2015 bucket list

2015 – because I have no idea what I will fancy next year or what is ticked off.

I do get asked from time to time where I want to go next or what’s my ultimate destination and it’s not always the same answer although I do have a bucket list.  So without further ado:

New Orleans – not anytime New Orleans but Mardi Gras New Orleans. Three weeks of partying in the street, dressing up and generally forgetting any mundane stress. At least this is what I picture when I think of NOLA during Mardi Gras. And who can blame me? I’ve been raised and currently live in an Orthodox country. We do not celebrate Mardi Gras so the fascination is real. Besides this somewhat superficial reason I am totally fascinated with the Southern culture of the USA: live jazz bars, country music, Creole food, French Quarter and colorful colonial houses. Blame it on Scarlet if you want but NOLA and Southern USA have been my no. 1 since I can remember.

Iceland & Faeroe Islands – I don’t like the cold but for some destinations I am willing to put on an extra layer of clothes and face it. I don’t even know where to begin with why I want to visit these two but I do want to SCUBA dive between the tectonic plates in Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. The fascination with the Faeroe Islands started after a project in college about the islands and Faeroe culture and history. It took me 3 seconds to fall in love with that green  wild landscapes, oceanic cliffs and waterfalls that I saw in every picture on google.  Vikings are a plus.

Japan – during the cherry blossom festival. I want to have Hanami picnics beneath the sakura. I am also a serious Sailor Moon aficionado so I need to go to the land where it all started (no really- the last time I watched the full 4 seasons of Sailor Moon was less then a year ago). I want to ride their super sonic uberly on time trains, eat sushi from morning till night and generally stare at EVERYTHING. Go-to cities: Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka.


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Amalfi Coast – I mean this is Italian heaven. If the Amalfi coast doesn’t ring a bell for you go check google, instagram or anywhere where you can find yourself a picture with the Amalfi Coast.

Paris – won’t stay long on this list as I am crossing it off pretty soon.

Isle of Skye – Yes, I have a thing for Northern European territories. Plus I’ve read this story here with pictures included and I was smitten with it.

 English country side– I want to get myself a car and drive through the English countryside until I get to Cotswold. How hard can it be to drive on the other side of the road?

Florida Keys – Now let’s go back across the ocean and to Southern USA. Actually, the Florida Keys are more in the Carribean than USA. They are also a SCUBA diving paradise and any other kind of paradise, for that matter. Plus the house of Hemingway. Now, I wasn’t his biggest fan in college but I did see a movie about his life which triggered some sort of curiosity in finding more about him. He had six finger cats and apparently their descendants still live in his old house. Six. Fingers. Cats.

Machu Picchu – What?!? Everybody wants to go to Machu Picchu! And whoever says otherwise is a liar!

Western Australia – Ok, I am not done with Australia. Everyone goes to Eastern Australia which is normal since you know… it’s the coolest place on Earth. But OMG those pristine beaches in Western Australia are simply out of this world.

New Zealand – This is a new entry and it’s purely instagram born. My traveling guru is Youngadventuress whose pictures of Wanaka make me wish to just pack and go. I want my own sunset on Roy’s peak. And pay a visit to Bilbo Baggins in Hobbiton.



@lakewanakanz at sunset in winter on a clear day, nothing more beautiful!


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