Snapping out of the autumn blues

I’ve got the autumn blues. The dark weather, the fuss of starting Roaring Romania 2.0 and the struggle of finding a routine that sticks put me into a funk. I think it’s normal, I’ve had them before but to be honest I am not a big fan of being Miss Grumpy all day long. I have to snap myself out of it.

So I said I should make a list to remind myself all the benefits that  came with freelancing/ entrepreneurship. Maybe this will stop my bitching about everything!

I am master of my own time.  This has to be number one. I can choose when I work, how long my vacations are, when I get up in the morning. No more asking the boss for time off, finding someone to do my work while I’m away, planning my vacations according to fiscal years. No more of that! These days I can’t even tell week days from week-end days. If I want to turn a Wednesday into a Sunday I’ll do that.

I love my job. Being a tour guide is amazing. This past year I got to meet people from different corners of the world, spent days on the road showing them Romania and had the chance to nerd out about history without boring people out. I also learned about their countries and home towns as a bonus. If this doesn’t qualify as a cool job I don’t know what does. Maybe being a mermaid.

The unexpected, my new BFF. I used to hate the unexpected. Before this year whenever things did not go according to my plan It was the end of the world. I went from normal to batshit crazy in about 3 seconds, threw a huge tantrum to get everyone around me in the same bad mood I was and THEN eat my way out of that bad mood. It was like my brain could not cope with having to find a new solution. System down. ERROR. ERROR. Brain won’t work. Well, when you are a tour guide and you have the responsibility of caring for other people and making sure that they have a good time you kinda need to bond with the unexpected. Now it’s quite fun when something unexpected happens. I can actually feel my brain first imploding because he’s not allowed to explode anymore and then expanding to adjust to the new situation. I’m not the favorite person of my brain.

My creativity spiked. I write more these days. I color. I make videos. I take my camera and go out to take photos. I did not even think about doing all these things when I was busy with a 9-5 job.

I walk a lot. Probably this is related with the fact that it’s part of my jobs. I have 2 hour tours, 4 hour tours and also 8 hour tours. All of them walking tours. So it’s safe to say I walk a lot.Walking is such a big part of my life now that on days when I do not have tours scheduled I have to take a walk otherwise I feel weird . I am not going to list all the benefits of walking because google is full of it but I am glad I walk a lot. It spares me the guilt of not liking to exercise.

I have the privilege of choosing what I want to learn about. When I worked in the corporate world I learned a lot of things that made no sense to the outside world. To be honest, I really dreaded some of the things I had to occupy my brain with. But well, it came with the job. Had to be done. In comparison, now I am free to learn and read things that I like or find useful. Like history and photography books, a bunch of weird historical novels, social media lessons and tourism legislation.

I’ve been so stressed lately that one evening during the 6 o’clock subway rush hour, I caught myself wondering if it wouldn’t be easier to go back to a regular job. This thought and the fact that I allowed such a thought to creep into my brain kinda scared me. Came home and made this list to keep stupid ideas out of my head. Like a force field.

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