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I love instagram! At this point instagram has become the only social platform that I genuinely like using. I see beautiful pictures, find out about places I’ve never been to, get ideas for my own pictures AND the best part of it: I got to virtually meet a lot of great people. Like Carey Carpenter aka @ carebearabroad

I discovered Carey after I saw, what I believe to be, one of the best photos of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and started to follow her from that point on. I like her instagram feed because it’s authentic, not fabricated to get followers and really tells the story of her travels. So let’s find out a bit about Carey, her photos and what she thought about her trip to Romania!

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself? Where do you come from and what started your travels?

I was born in Tennessee, raised in Georgia, moved to California but will always remain a southern belle. My love for travel was always in my blood at a young age, but I would say it was truly developed after my two study abroad in college to Brazil and Trinidad and Tobago. It was my first real taste of traveling as an “adult” without my family.

What is the origin of your instagram username: carebearabroad?

My nickname as a child was Carebear, and what can I say… it stuck. Friends and family have always called me Carebear, so it was only fitting to continue this through my travels. It gives me a sense of home when I am away too.  

What do you travel for?

The feeling I get when I step of the plane or train/bus to uncharted territory is what I thrive on. Getting to explore an entirely different perspective, culture and traditions excites and thrills me like none other! I honestly travel because it makes me happy and I learn something new every day. I love a challenge, and it teaches me to be vulnerable.

How come you chose to visit Romania?

I chose Romania because 1) I had never been 2) I love more off the beaten path locations that are not mainstream tourism.

What was the most interesting thing you discovered here? Good or bad.

The most interesting I think is the hitchhiking being completely normal and a way of life here. As an American, this is something generally frowned upon but I found it so refreshing and I completely trusted the process. Also, I had no idea the mountain ranges were so beautiful, I feel in love with the Carpathian and Transylvania region of the country.

Today, you are exactly where you need to be. #quoteoftheday #romania #tbie #dametraveler #transylvania #mywanderlustmoment A photo posted by 🇺🇸Carey Carpenter🌎Traveler (@carebearabroad) on

Romania is your 41st country. Which one is your sweetheart so far?

So hard to choose ONE country. But I have to go with Croatia. It steals my heart every time and it is very special as I associate my life changing moment on a trip to Croatia two years ago and keep returning every year.

Do you have a pattern in your photos? Do you look for something in particular in your photos?

I think I definitely have a pattern, or a style. I like having a consistent look, but with traveling comes change. I am constantly changing my views and opinions with certain issues and opening myself to things I never thought I would. So with that said , I think change is important to your growth. So If I want to throw up a picture that might be a different sometimes I will to help show an experience I might have had or a moment in time I wanted to capture and share. Also, I am very particular…. I see something cool and want to get it from a different angle or perspective. Because anyone can take a picture, but to me it’s so much more than that. It’s creating a story…with your caption as well.

  Which are your favorite photos in your gallery? And why, of course.

Such a hard question, because each trip and experience has a special meaning to me. Sometimes when I look back through my pictures I feel like its like my life story in a square digital box. Turkey was really special this past summer, I fell in love with the country and Istanbul became my favorite city. An unexpected unplanned trip to Vietnam that was spontaneously booked in a day was also pretty incredible. Staying in Palestine and Israel was most definitely one for the books, given the current political situation. All of my photos are really special. BUT if I had to choose a favorite is atop Shipwreck Beach with an aerial view of Zakynthos Island in Greece. This trip still gives me the chills when I think about my experience and time there.

What kind of gear and editing apps do you use for your pics?

At the moment, I am literally usually only using the IG features. But when something needs a bit more tweaking I use Photoshop express and Aviary, and Pro HD.

Who are your  favorite instagrammers at the moment?

@thebelleabroad – she reached out to me a while ago as she is from the south and recently moved to London. I have enjoyed following her journey.

@theblondenomad or @GLWJ – I met Jackie in Prague recently, but we have been following each other for a while now and it was so great to meet her! Her account and photos are wonderful

@pausethemoment – Ryan is a travel blogger based out of Mexico and we also met in Prague, he has a great blog and account that I enjoy

@travelfreak_ – been following him for a while, although we have never met.. I hope to plan a trip to meet up with him soon!

@TBIE_thetraveledition – The best information ever is a great account to find travel inspiration in all forms

@mylifesamovie – she has done some articles recently that have gotten negative media attention but I like her boldness and honesty, its refreshing in this social media day and age. Her pics are great!

@worldofwanderlust – she has been an inspiration for me from the VERY beginning, I owe a lot of my travels to her photos!

And last…where are you going next?

Well, I am off to Budapest, Hungary next weekend 🙂 and Bratislava, Slovakia.


I want to thank Carey for taking the time to answer my questions and wish her fun & safe travels! (We did not manage to find each other when she was in Romania as I was out of the country but I am hoping for a next time :D)  Also, since this is my first ever interview, tell me how I did!

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