Things that annoy me

Winter. Or more precisely: winter days. I have never been a big fan of winter. I do not like snow more than one week per season and if it happened only when I’m somewhere in the mountains or the countryside, it would be perfect. I hate cold weather and the amount of layers I need to wear to keep warm in the frozen winters that we get in Bucharest. But out of all things, it’s the darkness of the winter days that put me in a big funk. Seriously, it gets dark at 4 in the afternoon. My energy levels drop instantly, I get drowsy and I need to put twice the effort into actually working or being productive.

People spitting. Out of all the things that annoy me in this world spitting must be the worst! I hate people spitting on sidewalks or anywhere, for that matter. It’s disgusting. Actually, there is NOTHING more disgusting than slimy phlegm. Just stop spitting. Just stop it! Why isn’t there a law against this?

People eating seeds and spitting the shells on the ground. Maybe somewhat less disgusting than phlegm, I give you that. But still, stop doing it on the streets, public spaces, parks or anywhere else than your private house. Why do you feel that it is your right to make a mess in public spaces, I wonder?!?

People not cleaning after their dogs. You are a dog owner? Nice. I am too! Do you know how many times I had to pick my dog’s poop just to realize that the entire sidewalk is full of other dogs poop? It makes my effort and the effort of other dog owners useless. So I beg you: clean after your dog! Oh yeah, please don’t come with the stray dogs argument: why should I clean when there are a lot of stray dogs and nobody is cleaning after them. Yes, nobody is cleaning after them because sadly, they do not have owners to care for them and they are animals therefore they cannot clean after themselves. But you! You have opposable thumbs for a reason! Prove you deserve your spot on the top of the evolution chain. Clean after your dog!

things that annoy me

People not respecting my rules on my territory. Ok, I am no landlord so my territory extends as far as my apartment and my car. And it is the car that I want to discuss about. Recently (or maybe not so recent), a law has been passed, a law that says that now even people in the back of a car need to wear seat-belts. I know that we have a tendency of disobeying the law or to think we are above the law, we are stupid like that, as a nation. But it’s my car and if I say that in my car you have to respect the law and wear a seat-belt in the backseat, why do you argue with me?

Bureaucracy. I am towards the end of the process of setting up my business. The amount of paper work that I had to fill in, sign, revise and fill in and sign is borderline stupid. It felt like I would never be able to pull it off since every time I thought I’m done there was a something missing. Nightmare!

Mechanics. I’ve been with my car at three different mechanics because something was off with it. I do not have any mechanical knowledge but I know my car since I’m basically glued to it. All three of them blew me off because they were not able to identify what is wrong with the car. They assured me, however, that probably it’s in my head. I’m a woman, what do I know about cars and engines? A month later my car broke down.

Facebook. Not only annoying but actually something very evil that interferes with my productivity. In a desperate attempt  to minimize the time that I waste mindlessly scrolling down on Facebook I unfollowed everyone and everything. It’s not about you, it’s about me. I basically tried everything to get my facebook junky self under control and failed. I had a problem and making facebook as little interesting as possible helps. I still have the tendency of going on facebook and I still get updates from people and pages that I am yet to unfollow but I don’t spend (so much) time on Facebook anymore.  I deleted the apps from my phone and reply to messages only when I go in to check them.

Facebook messenger. I don’t call my friends because we talk on messenger and when we finally meet up there is not so much to talk about because we already talked on messenger. Jeez! And then we complain about not having enough human interaction. I am seriously thinking of deleting my account completely but I have a Facebook group dedicated to traveling in Romania which I wish to grow into a community so deleting the account is not an option.

Travel quotes. Let me explain this one: about 90% of the people that I follow on instagram are travellers or travel bloggers. Some of them I follow for their nice pictures or places they visit, some because I follow their blogs, whatever. Any of them are a sort of inspiration BUT I swear to god, if I see another picture out there telling me to give up everything and travel I’m gonna go mad. I get it, some travel bloggers/photographers have created their entire online persona on using inspirational quotes and it works for them but right now, the market is over saturated with people trying to inspire other people by slamming an inspirational quote found on google. And it doesn’t do it anymore! There are too many out there! It’s boring and annoying. I’d rather read something that you liked about the place you’ve visited, or a mishap or something goofy and funny. Anything real and authentic goes! Please stop with the `find yourself, go travel, take a chance, jump off the cliff` (metaphorically speaking) speach! Be inspirational through what you do, through your photos, through what you discover and say about the places you go to, share your own opinions. The internet is full of quotes about travel and finding oneself. Anyone can copy/ paste.

Well,this has been quite therapeutic! I kinda’ exorcised the evil out of me so I’ll just stop here with things that annoy me and head towards sunnier destinations.



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