Snapping out of Snapchat

I entered the world of Snapchat due to my inclination to try everything new. Any untouched territory seems like a good idea so I just try it to see what happens. I also entered the world of Snapchat because everyone on the internet was saying that Snapchat is the next big thing.

And I believe it is since a lot of travel bloggers and people follow are using Snapchat and basically endorsing the app.

The idea of live posting my travels was appealing and playing with Snapchat’s different functionality’s was even more appealing. So in midsummer I downloaded the app, created an id and became a snapper.

6 months later I realised I am not generation Snapchat.

I arrived to this conclusion after a recent trip to Maramures which might have been a nice opportunity to show the people who follow me on Snapchat, a lovely piece of land in Romania. I successfully managed to snap the first day which was a boring 14 hours bus ride from Bucharest to my destination and then completely forgot about Snapchat.

I haven’t posted one tiny bit of anything during my 3 days of wandering around Maramures. I wondered why and how I managed to forget about it and the only logical explanation is that it seems so unreasonable to stop anything I’m doing just to snap. When am I supposed to enjoy the moment? Live a little like they say? Stop and smell the roses?

After this major epiphany I realised Snapchat is actually ruining some people out there for me. Since it doesn’t allow you to post outside of the app,it’s quite a challenge to create good content. A challenge that most snappers fail. It’s fast, it’s on the go, it matches the consumer society we live in right now and it’s absolute CRAP.

I just watched one of my favorite travel bloggers out there, an inspiration to me, a person I’ve seen as an authority figure, saying what kind of night-stand she plans on buying for her next apartment and how little space that particular night stand has for sex toys. I’ve also seen a snap where a popular Romanian viner came back home drunk from the club and snapped while peeing. A major fashion blogger snapped a pic of herself naked in the bathtub.

I blame myself for falling into internet’s trap. When will I ever learn?

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