Going back to 2009

I’ve decided to start a 30 day photo challenge because I feel like my photo skills are stuck to a certain mediocre beginners level. So in taking up this challenge I want to see how creative I get with it and if improve in any way.

The header photo of this blog post is the pic from day 1 which was yesterday. I hope I will manage to post them here every day. As you see, not all of the pics are going to be about Bucharest or Romania so not really suited to be posted on my instagram account.

On another totally un-related matter, I haven’t been around here in a while. Haven’t been on instagram for a week either, which in social media terms translates to an eternity. I find it quite offensive how quickly people unfollow you if you take a couple of days off.

I know there are people out there who are professional instagramers so they do instagram as a job. Aren’t they allowed a vacation?

One thing I wanted to say before I go – I miss- thought the purpose of this blog when I first started it. Unconsciously, I always wanted a place where  could let my rambling loose just to see where it goes but the pressure of internet and the trend of starting blogs for the sole purpose of making money out of them got to me. I didn’t write here because I thought I had to write the perfect 1000 words piece. But I do not want a business blog – I already have a business that is going well and requires a fair amount of creative writing- I wanted a little space for my thoughts.

So…yeah, this blog is going back to basics, back to journal writing like it’s 2009  and stats don’t matter.

BTW, I’m watching a new TV show called the Crazy ex-girlfriend and it is the most cringe worthy show I have ever seen.

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