My Dog, My Teacher

Two years ago I took in a dog. I’m not going to go all drama queen and say that it changed my life completely but it sure has had an impact on my life. From being a person only responsible for myself I became someone with a furry creature that needs attention and regular walks and haircuts and water and food. Especially food. Dogs need to be fed. Constantly if you ask them.

The furry creature is called Bobo but nobody calls her that for she has a long list of nicknames in various languages: most common is Bobița (read it as Bobitza) then we have the English nickname: The Bobbit, Spanish: El Bobos, French is Bobette and Serbian is Bobitieskovich.

In these last couple of years The Bobbit proved itself to be a huge source of wisdom and inspiration on how to deal with life. So in an attempt to give it the well deserved recognition, I made of list of the valuable teachings I got from my dog:

  1. Sleep is very important. Have respect for your time of rest. Find the best, most comfortable place and sleep there: on your master’s pillow, in the middle of the hallway in the darkest hour for your master to trip and fall over you if possible, in your master’s spot on the couch if she happens to get up for 2 seconds or- the best ever- on your master’s face if available.
  2. If you need to prove something go big or go home! The Bobbit would never, EVER accept that it could puke anywhere else but the sofa or the fluffy, ‘it’s a nightmare to clean’ bedroom carpet. Any other place in the house simply won’t do.
  3. Filter what you listen to. If The Bobbit is in the park playing with its kind, The Bobbit will proceed to ignore most of my calling it and many attempts will be wasted in the effort to take it home. But if there’s food around, I only have to think its name and The Bobbit makes an appearance.
  4. Never accept No for an answer. Use that pair of puppy eyes unapologetically  in every situation possible. Exploit them to the maximum. Fails: 0 Wins: ALWAYS.
  5. Find ways to entertain yourself. If The Bobbit wants to play and I’m either busy or not really in the mood to play with it, The Bobbit proceeds in playing by itself. Starts chewing the toys, or turning and tossing her Teddy bear and she does it so passionately and it seems so much fun that I end up abandoning whatever I’m doing to just play with her. Yes, she is the queen of manipulation in this way.
  6. If you like someone just tell him/her. The Bobbit is fiercely in love with a neighbour’s dog, a huge Chow-Chow called Rocky. Whenever The Bobbit sniffs or sees Rocky, she starts barking and jumping and dancing around him. I have never seen a creature more openly showing enthusiasm towards another creature. She’s smitten and she’s not afraid to show it! Rocky doesn’t care that much about The Bobbit but that doesn’t bring the Bobbit down. She’s steady in her feelings, a bit delusional but very confident in the end.
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