Welcome to Alexandra’s Eclectic Blog!

Eclectic because it is not a blog with a specific theme, it’s a bit of everything. Since my work revolves around travel and travel entrepreneurship, you are likely to see more on these topics than anything else. This blog is meant to be my personal space where I can write and tell stories.

My life in a nutshell: graduated Foreign Languages, worked for 5 years in the corporate world, decided I want to do something else with my life, left job, became a tour guide, started my own travel business: Roaring Romania Private Tours.

Current state: deciphering entrepreneurship, guiding visitors around Romania, writing about Romania and travelling to Romania on Roaring Romania.   

When I’m not roaming Bucharest and the country with tourists, I like to travel (go figure!), play with my camera as a wannabe newbie photographer and dedicated instagrammer, read nerdy historical books and procrastinate through coloring.

I’m also a proud Potterhead – Long Live the Slytherins!, Oscar Wilde fan for life and the owner of a small, gremlin – looking dog: Bobita.

You can find me at contact@alexandrachirila.com or on social media: facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat (alex_chirila).



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